Monday, 18 February 2013

Choose E-Cigarettes and Change Your Life

Smokers will often state that smoking gives them comfort, it provides them with something to do with their hands, offers a bit of a ‘high’ with the first drag, and  provisionally diminishes feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, nervousness, and melancholy.
To truly give up cigarettes you have to want to, thousands attempt it every day but fail as it takes real commitment to stop doing something that has become a habit and that you actually enjoy. 
Smokers generally reach for a cigarette at particular times during the day; this can be first thing in the morning, after a meal or on arrival home from work.  Trying to stop what is essentially a daily habit can result in restless hands and agitation. Some quitters put on weight as they replace the habitual hand to mouth action of smoking a cigarette with food instead. Electronic cigarettes replace the motion of smoking as they look and feel just like a real cigarette.
If you’re one of those that has tried countless times over the years to pack in smoking but just can’t seem to last a week, or even 24 hours, then this might be the answer you’re looking for.
An e cigarette is quite a simple concept; you’re supplied with a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, and a refill cartridge. At the end of the atomiser is an LED indicator that lights up blue or green to show others the cigarette is not real. Inside is an atomizing mechanism, as you inhale the LED lights up and causes the Propylene Glycol vapour inside to be released. Propylene Glycol is a nontoxic substance and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, it’s found in various medicines, as an ingredient in foods and also used in beauty products.
Even electronic options have nicotine in them and the smoker gets their hit when they inhale, however in comparison to real cigarettes where the smoker shares the nicotine with those around them, nearly all of the nicotine is absorbed by the person smoking. Nobody else in the area is exposed to any airborne nicotine, tar or carbon monoxide eliminating the effects of passive smoking and ensuring they are a safer option.
They don’t pollute the air or affect anyone else, and they look and feel just like a regular cigarette! It’s not easy to kick the habit of smoking, and the chief reasons are down to the dependence formed and the fact that although it is unsociable due to the stink and smoke, it can be a companionable activity too. People claim to be ‘social smoker’s, which means they only smoke when with friends or at the weekend if out for a drink.

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